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Zane was a character in the The Nine Lives of Chloe King series. He was first introduced in "Responsible". He is first portrayed as a love interest of Jasmine's. In the released screenplay, it was revealed that Chloe almost killed Zane after he attacked her (in a way similar to when Valentina gave her life for Jasmine, Chloe almost ended one of her lives by trying to take his), but it was Jasmine who killed him by stabbing him.

Season 1Edit

Zane is a Mai, a member of the New York pride. He has hinted he knows something about Alek's past. It's revealed he is working for the Order as a Benedict Arnold spy and stalking Chloe. At the end of "Responsible" he hands a member of The Order many pictures of Chloe and her family and friends, including one of her and Brian.

In "Beautiful Day" it is exhibited that Zane's terminal mission is to kill all of Chloe's protectors. When Valentina returns, he begins his plan to kill them. After making a date with Jasmine, he doesn't show up but rather heads to her apartment where Valentina is home alone. He lies and tells her that Jasmine told him to meet her there, so she let's him in. When Valentina's back is turned, ironically to read a text from Jasmine saying she was stood up by Zane and was coming home, Zane shoots her with a paralyzing poisonous dart. Then, when Jasmine gets home, she can tell something's wrong. She finds her mother sitting in the dark motionless, she nudges her and her mother falls to the floor, and as Zane is getting ready to shoot a dart at her, her mother glances at him, making Jasmine turn to face him, and dodge the dart. A fight ensues, and it looks like Jasmine is going to win, but Zane returns by throwing her against the door and starts throwing her around like a rag doll effortlessly. In the end, you see her and Zane standing inches apart and you think they have made a truce, but Zane steps back with a smile on his face. Jasmine removes her blood-covered hands from her stomach because he stabbed her. Jasmine falls to the floor at Zane's feet. Her and her mother exchange glances before they die. A few minutes later, Alek walks in to find Jasmine and her mother dead and Zane standing over them with a smug smile on his face. Alek states that he is going to kill Zane and Zane says, "Is that anyway to talk to your brother?" Revealing a British accent.


Zane is tall, with curly dark hair and ocean blue eyes.


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