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Valentina is a character in the The Nine Lives of Chloe King series. However, she is not in the books and is not an official character by Liz Brazwell. She was first introduced in "Green Star", and is played by American actress Alicia Coppola.

Valentina is the leader of the Mai in San Fransisco. She is Jasmine's mother and has killed fifteen members of the Order with her bare hands. She adopted Alek after his parents where killed in a slaughter. She was shot with a poison arrow by Zane and seemed to die. It is revealed in the screenplay that she used her last bit of strength to give her life to her daughter Jasmine.


Valentina has an outwardly welcoming, charming, and benevolent demeanor. Though this is most likelly a well-rehearsed facade, which hides her true nature: malevolent, commanding, manipulative, and threatening, as seen with her encounter with Whitley and her threat to his son's life, as well as her mistreatment of her own daughter, Jasmine. Although it was shown that Valentina does care about Jasmine as she was concerned for her safety when Zane attacked her and she couldn't do anything to help her.



  • In the screenplay, summarizing up what happened after the cliffhanger, it was revealed that Valentina gave her life to her daughter Jasmine.

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