aka Alexandra

  • I live in Virginia
  • I was born on December 2
  • My occupation is Student, Dancer
  • I am Female
  • Sunshiningdays581

    I made this yesterday, and am so happy with this!!! i got all the symbols from GetGlue, and if any of you would like, i will gladly post the symbols and what they mean! any way, what do you think of this? Click for larger version!

    Feel free to use it!

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  • Sunshiningdays581

    Will Brian be the one to save Chloe in The Nine Lives of Chloe King finale? And will that lead to his death?

    Set in San Francisco, the ABC Family series follows the titular character who has recently discovered she's a descendent of the ancient race called the Mai. Her newfound powers come with major consequences, though. As her protectors Alek and Jasmine have warned, Chloe is the key to protecting the race from human assassins who have hunted them for thousands of years. And to complicate things further, the father of Chloe's crush Brian leads the group, called The Order, determined to kill Chloe.

    In our exclusive first-look photo of the Aug. 16 episode "Beautiful Day," Chloe lays almost lifeless on the steps, but it's not her fellow Mai…

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  • Sunshiningdays581

    This is something I made with Photoshop, and i wanted to share with everyone! You are welcome to use, but please let me know if you do! What do you think?

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