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  • Heartification

    For all ABC Family fans, here is the wiki for MioBi:


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  • Heartification

    Did anyone else hear this horrible and tragic news?


    They just canceled this show yesterday.

    Forget about the petitions, we're too late...

    Oh, and remember how some of you guys were like "I'm not going to watch The Lying Game so that TNLOCK will be renewed!"

    Guess what?

    The Lying Game has been granted another 12 episodes...

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  • Heartification

    The suspense is killing me! We won't hear if there's a new season of 'The Nine Lives of Chloe King' until mid-September!! So long!! I'm so anxious, excited and possibly a bit worried. What if the ratings weren't high enough? What if there weren't enough viewers? I'm burning inside!! What's going to happen?? And hopfully Alek and Chloe get back together and Chloe sticks with Alek for the remainder of the show. I've heard some people pair her with Kai, the jackal, as a couple??

    Anyway, I hope that the show gets renewed for a second season and adds more episodes. God, I wish I could know now if there will be a second season... Thinking about it makes me so impatient... 'Good things come to those who wait.'

    Right, 'to those who wait'.

    I'm waiting…

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