The pride's very small and, prior to Season One, knew every Mai who resided in San Francisco excluding Chloe. However she and Alek alongside who knew each other from school, but didn't the other was Mai. Until he noticed that she was acting more Mai-like thanks to her transformation. He and Jasmine start keeping a eye on Chloe noticed a strange man Pilot who was "stalking" her and later noticed two figures (Jasmine and Alek) in black hoods figuring they were with the man. Chloe outran them, but Scarface freak caught to her thus 'kill' by pushing her off a tower. Chloe restarted her life and literally ran into them. Chloe then found out she was Mai after her first death. A hour this after she told Jasmine and Alek the "scar face freak" already caught up to her. Making the pride realize that they had the Uniter for the past 13 years under their claws. It's a know fact that when the leaders die they pass the Responsibly of Leadership down to their heir. As found in Beautiful Day when Jasmine was told by Valentina.

Notable MaiEdit

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