Olivia Rezza
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Date of Birth
Date of Death
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Family Members
Whitney Rezza (son, deceased)

Brian Rezza (grandson)

Evelyn Rezza (daughter-in-law, deceased)
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Olivia was a character in the The Nine Lives of Chloe King series. She was first introduced in "Beautiful Day".

Olivia was Brian's grandmother. Olivia was a member of The Order. She got her son, Whitney, to join The Order. However, they had a falling out before the events of the show started. She wants to see Chloe dead and is working with Simone to see that happen. At the end of "Beautiful Day" it shows her looking at the Hannah Hannity book, the one that Chloe and her dad made: meaning The Order either killed him to get to it or he's one of them.  In the released screenplay, many things were revealed. For starters, she WAS the order. She also had Whitley's wife killed and put something in his drink to kill him.  She tries to get Brian to help her kill Chloe, as it was her life's work.  He tries to save her, but she said he was no better than her son or his grandfather. The platform she was on gave way and she fell to her death.

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