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Lana Jacobs
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Lana Jacobs is a character in the The Nine Lives of Chloe King series. She was first introduced in "Pilot", and is played by American actress Aeriel Miranda.

Lana is Chloe's co-worker and superior in Varese Vintage. She has a sarcastic and snarky attitude.

Lana had an abusive boyfriend named Jesse, who she broke up with. Lana then proceeded to move so he wouldn't be able to find her anymore. However, in "All Apologies", Chloe gave Jesse Lana's new address, not really knowing Lana didn't wanted Jesse to know where she now lived. The following day, Jesse vandalized the clothing store, trying to annoy Lana. After Jesse went to her apartment, they had a fight, and he knocked Lana out. Chloe showed up and fought Jesse, who after a while, was knocked out by Lana. After the incident, Lana rehired Chloe and thanked her for saving her from Jesse.

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