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Kai is a character in the The Nine Lives of Chloe King series. He was first introduced in "Dogs of War", and is played by American actor Colton Haynes.

Kai is a young Jackal; a species said to be the most lethal enemies of the Mai.

Season 1Edit

Kai is first perceived as a frightened, homeless boy. Chloe was able to feel Kai's emotions, and upon realizing that Kai was feeling terrified, she approached him and offered him some of her food, which Kai accepted gratefully. A moment later, he was chased down by Alek and Jasmine, but he barely managed to escape.

The following day, he started following Chloe. He asked Chloe to help him get back to his family, for Mai hunters were chasing him and had injured him. Chloe proceeded to hide him inside her house, without Meredith finding out. During his stay in Chloe's home, he took a shower and met Amy formally. He stayed and slept in her attic during the night.

The following day, he was escorted by Jasmine, Alek, Chloe and her friends to Jackal territory. Kai effectively lead the group inside an abandoned rail terminal, where it was revealed everything had been a trap. Kai's family managed to capture Chloe and defeat Alek. However, Kai showed up and tried convincing his dad, the leader of the Jackals, that the Uniter was not like the other Mai. He hit his dad with a stick, helping Chloe defeat him. Kai apologized to Chloe afterwards, but apparently, Chloe doesn't forgive him.