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Johnathan Francis King
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Family Members
Meredith King (wife)

Chloe King (adoptive daughter)

Allison (niece)
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Johnathan Francis King is a character in the The Nine Lives of Chloe King series. He was first mentioned in "Pilot".


Johnathan is Meredith's husband, as well as Chloe's adoptive father. He left his family for unknown reasons, however, despite having disappeared for 10 years, he recently started sending Chloe e-mails telling her to "trust no one". In "Girls Night Out", he sent Chloe a fragment from a story they created together, in hopes it would be enough to prove he was in fact her dad, but in Beautiful Day Chloe found out the emails were fake as they were send by the Order. Either meaning he's being held captive by them or he is dead.


  • Johnathan's article

    Johnathan's article.

    In "Heartbreaker", Meredith was holding an article written by Johnathan King. Suggesting that Johnathan was a journalist.
  • It is yet unknown how he knows about the existance of the Mai if he's not an member of The Order.
  • It's unknown how Olivia Rezza got his copy of the Hannity Hannity book.

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