Kai's Jackal family.

Jackals are an ancient race of supernatural beings, said to be the offspring of the Egyptian jackal-headed god, Anubis. They are not in the books.


Since Anubis was worshiped in Egypt, it is safe to assume that Jackals were considered to not only have jackal-like qualities, but also to be part-god, part-human, like the Mai.

Anubis was the God of the afterlife and mummification. It is said that his teeth were black because that is the color of rotting flesh.

For unknown reasons, Jackals are considered to be the Mai's mortal enemies, possibly due to the natural animosty between cats and dogs, which both species respectively retain the traits of.

The Jackals NowEdit

Jackals are easily the most filthy and disgusting race on the planet; nothing but scavengers and murderers.

—Alek Petrov

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Jackals are said to be violent and filthy by the Mai. Unlike the Mai, Jackals are nomads, always traveling across the world in packs. Jackals have knowledge about the existance of the Uniter of the Mai, and believe that he or she will bring death to their species.


Known Jackal abilities include:

  • Superhuman strength
  • Heightened senses, including smell
  • Retractable fangs

According to Kai, Jackals can overpower most Mai in a straight-up fight. This is proved to be true in "Dogs of War", after the Jackal's leader defeated Alek. Their leader would have killed Chloe if it were not for Kai, who distracted him and helped Chloe defeat him.

Notable JackalsEdit


  • Mai have the same racist view towards Jackals just as The Order does to them.
  • Jackals are not in the books.