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Cody is a character in the The Nine Lives of Chloe King series. He was first introduced in "Responsible", and is played by American actor Richard Tanne.

He was involved in human trafficing. Cody started dating Vanessa, Frank's daughter, after they met online on a teenage-dating website. He managed to fool Vanessa into believing that he was deeply in love with her, and even went as far as saying that she was his soulmate. Cody also persuaded Vanessa into leaving her home, and Frank, and 'running away' with him.

The follwoing day, he told Vanessa that they were going to break into a ship in order to leave San Francisco, however, it was soon revealed that he was in fact a human trafficking worker, and along a couple of other men, enclosed Vanessa along with a few other girls inside a cargo.

He was later defeated by Chloe and Alek, and was ironically enclosed inside the same cargo he had enclosed the various teenage girls in, where he and the others could only wait until the police arrived to take them away.

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